DdsDataField Members

DdsDataField Overview


Method Description
public method DdsDataField Instances of this class cannot be created directly; they can only be created as base class instances of the derived classes.

Public Properties

Property Description
public property Alias Gets or sets an alternate field name for the field.
public property AutoPostBack Gets or sets a boolean value that if true, causes the control to generate a post back to the server when the field is output-only.
public property AutoPostBackKey Gets or sets the aidkey to return to the server when AutoPostBack is True.
ChangeInd Gets or sets the response indicator to set 'on' when this field changes.
public property Compare Gets or sets the relational operator and value used to validate user data input.
MandatoryEnter Determines whether the field must have a value entered into it for operations to continue.
MandatoryFill Determines whether a character must be entered each position in the field.
MessageId Gets or sets the conditional value that controls the messages to be associated with this field when a message file is used.
PositionCursor Gets or sets a string containing the position cursor attribute value for the DdsDataField.
Protect Gets or sets the RPG indicator expression that, when evaluated, determines if the field is output-only(read-only).
SubmitValue Gets or sets a value for the field that when selected, is treated the same as if the user had entered this value and pressed<enter>.
Text Gets or sets the value (in string form) of the field.
Usage Gets or sets how the field is used, output, input, both (input and output),or hidden.
Values Gets or sets the list of valid values that can be input into this field.
ValuesStyle Gets or sets the control style used to specify if the field is TextBox or Dropdown with text, values, or both.
ValuesText Gets or sets a list of text to be shown when using the dropdown ValuesStyle.
VirtualRowCol Gets or sets the row and column that this field is reported on in the Displayfile.

Public Methods

Method Description
public method LoadPostData Overloaded. Processes postback data for an ASP.NET server control and returns True if the server control's state changed as a result of the postback; otherwise False.
public method ParseValues Parses the values to be displayed when the field is of type dropdown.
public method RaisePostDataChangedEvent Signals the server control object to notify the ASP.NET application that the state of the control has changed.
public method RenderBeginTag Renders the HTML opening tag of the control into the specified writer.
public method RenderEndTag Renders the HTML closing tag of the control into the specified writer.
public method ResetMessageId Resets the MessageId property.