What's New and Improved in ASNA Monarch Framework

The following is a listing of the new and improved features in ASNA Monarch Framework.

What's New

New Control: DdsIcon

  • The new DdsIcon control offers a simple new way of presenting a non-interactive icon.

DdsTable Improvements

  • User Editing Every column type except Icon columns can now, at the developers discretion, allow users to change the contents of the table.
  • New Properties
    • SelectedKey: The Icons in Icon columns can now be assigned an aid key that will be pressed whenever the icon is clicked or tapped.
    • SelectionMode: Allows developers to define whether an entire row may be seclected, or just a single cell.

DdsSignature Improvements

New Cycle Support

  • Monarch migration now supports *INRT (the Return Indicator). (Migration previously required AVR.)