Monarch Web Control Indicator Expression Tester

Many of the properties of the server controls can be conditioned with an indicator expression that may be challenging for the migrator to master. The syntax is a one-line free-form expression that uses the following symbols:

& for AND
| for OR
! for NOT
() to specify operator precedence

A condition is an expression involving indicators and operators. The special values *True, *False, and * None can be used in place of an indicator. To test an expression, the Indicator Expression Tester can be used. This utility, called "WebDspfExpr.exe", is located in the same folder where Monarch was installed. Using this utility, the migrator can experiment with indicator expressions to get the desired result before changing the properties and compiling and testing the application where the Display File is being used. This tool can also be used during training to teach the use of Monarch properties with indicator expression syntax.

To use the tool, the checkboxes represent the state of the 99 indicators where checked means *True (on) and unchecked means *False (off). You enter an expression and click the " Evaluate" button to see the result. Any runtime exceptions that may be thrown due to an invalid expression are shown in the textbox at the bottom of the dialog box.

Monarch Web Control Indicator Expression Tester

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