DdsCharField.CompareAllowBlanks Property

If True, Compare validation will be skipped when field value is blank.


BegProp CompareAllowBlanks Access(*Public) Type(*Boolean)
   BegGet;  BegSet

Property Value

Boolean that sets whether to skip Compare validation on blank fields. Defaults to False


Use the CompareAllowBlanks property to skip the Compare validation on blank fields; in Monarch the CHECK(AB) keyword is migrated as CompareAllowBlanks = True.

Added in 7.2, this feature allows the combination of keywords COMP(GT 0) and CHECK(RB AB) to behave properly in Wings and Monarch.


Namespace: ASNA.Monarch.WebDspF

Assembly: ASNA.Monarch.WebDspF.DLL

Platforms: Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows 7, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 10 Pro