Monarch Framework Concepts

The ASNA Monarch Framework Architectural Concepts documentation provides an overview of the workings of the ASNA Monarch Framework with links to the classes, methods, and properties of note so you can obtain further information.

Describes the main components of the ASNA Monarch Framework.
Execution Context
Describes an overview of the Program Execution Management and Visual RPG support for PEM.
Control Execution Lifecycle
Provides information regarding the Control Execution Lifecycle showing the phase, action and / or method or event that is triggered.
Monarch Job and Program Classes
Provides a recap of the Job, Program, and CLProgram classes within the execution context portion of the Monarch Framework including *Entry.
Display File Concepts
Describes the main framework concepts behind Monarch Display Files, the AVR commands provided specifically to support Display Files, and a description of the similarities and differences in Legacy Display Files and Monarch Display Files. Subtopics are related to the installed language templates, master pages, and cascading style sheets creating a 'theme' in your website.
Web.config Considerations
Describes the two configuration files provided to allow the capability of applying text values to the DDS button labels on a global basis.
Web Server Controls Overview
Describes the Monarch Web Server controls (classes) available to facilitate the implementation of the semantics of DDS elements.
Overview of AidKeys
Describes the attention key and function key as as used in DdsFile and DdsRecord and also explains the AidKey Dialog.
Conditional Properties Overview
Describes an overview of conditional properties as applied to server controls conditioned with an indicator expression.
Monarch Framework ASPX Session Overview
Describes an overview of the mechanisms available in ASP.NET and Monarch that control an ASPX session with additional topic reference regarding how to enhance applications using non-display file ASPX pages.
Moving Data between Workstation File and Display File
Describes an overview of the interaction between the Workstation File and the Display File.
Message Files
Describes an overview of Monarch Message Files.
Embedded SQL Overview
Describes an overview of the migration of embedded SQL with examples.