DataGate® 16.0 for SQL Server Reference Guide

Porting AVR.NET Applications to Use DataGate® for SQL Server


ASNA's DataGate® for SQL Server (DSS) provides AVR programmers access to Microsoft SQL Server through native RPG file IO using familiar RPG operation codes such as CHAIN and SETLL. DSS allows you to write one set of applications that works concurrently with both the IBM i and SQL Server databases.

You will not need to learn SQL to get effective access to SQL Server. The skills you use today for iSeries file IO will work exactly the same way for SQL Server via DSS. The same AVR programs that connect to SQL Server will seamlessly connect to the iSeries and ASNA's DataGate® engine.

DSS makes a SQL Server instance appear as a database similar to DataGate® or iSeries. The characteristic features of DB2/400 materialize on SQL Server when seen through the eyes of DSS. With DSS, you can use the Library list, Physical and Logical files, DB2 field types like packed and zoned, and Data Areas.