DataGate® 16.0 for SQL Server Reference Guide

Licensing DataGate® for SQL Server

The steps below will describe how to use ASNA Registration Assistant to register DataGate® 16.0 for SQL Server, DataGate® 11x for Windows Servers and Desktops, and DataGate® 11x WebPak. Please refer to the appropriate Readme for instructions on licensing other ASNA products.

If you purchased licenses for multiple ASNA products, you will need to repeat these steps for each product you're licensing. For example, you would perform these steps for entering a license key for DataGate® 16.0 for SQL Server , then again for DataGate® 16.0 for Windows Servers and Desktops, then again for DataGate® 16.0 WebPak; entering the appropriate license key for each product.

  1. Before the expiration of your temporary license, if applicable, contact ASNA to obtain a License Key(s) for the desired component(s) as described above.
  2. Once you are given the License Key(s), enter the License Key(s) within ASNA Registration Assistant. Start ASNA Registration Assistant by selecting Start - ASNA Product Suite for Visual Studio - ASNA Registration Assistant.

    You can also select ASNA Registration Assistant.exe from the ..\Program Files\Common Files\Asna Shared folder.

  3. Select the Product on the left that you are licensing.
  4. Enter the appropriate License Key (for the product you are currently licensing) that you received from ASNA, along with the other pertinent information; such as Name, Company, Users, and License Period.
  5. Select the Register Product button to accept the information, the Exit button to close Registration Assistant, or the Help button to get help on ASNA Registration Assistant.
  6. Continue with these steps for each ASNA product you are licensing.