To implement the IBM i concept of QTEMP (a private library for each Job), DataGate® for SQL Server (DSS) uses the following technique:

  • Designate an installation-defined SQL Server database (e.g. QTempDB) as the repository of objects stored in the QTEMP libraries for ALL the 'Jobs' or connections.
  • Assign a unique ID to each DataGate® client (connection).
  • Whenever a DataGate® client refers to an object in the 'QTEMP' library, DSS appends the unique ID to the name and attempts to locate it on the QTempDB database.
  • When the connection gets closed (the DG Client goes away), DSS delete all objects in QTempDB with the client's ID.
  • Users accessing QTEMP programmatically must have read write access to the SQL Server designated database (e.g. QTempDB).

The SQL Server database designated as QTEMP can be set in the ASNA Stored Procedures Wizard during the initial installation, on the dialog shown below:

The designated database can also be changed directly by modifying the contents specified in the file