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Unlike previous versions, Visual Studio 2017 does not install offline help by default; the Help Viewer component must be selected for installation. Similarly, each ASNA product that integrates with Visual Studio 2017 requires a particular selection of Visual Studio Workloads be installed to support it.

During installation, the user is prompted to select from a variety of workloads, in a dialog presented below.

Selecting the appropriate workloads is as easy as clicking on them.

ASNA products require the following workloads:

Additionally, installing the (now optional) local help for ASNA products requires a few additional steps. From the top of the page above, select the Individual Components Tab, then scroll down to the Code Tools section and select Help Viewer, as shown below:

When done just click the Install button in the lower right.

To ensure that Help Viewer has been installed properly, open Visual Studio 2017 and select Help from the top toolbar If the Help Viewer has been installed properly, you should see something like the dropdown menu shown below.

If Help Viewer isn't installed, selecting Help will instead get something like this:

For a more comprehensive look at installing Visual Studio, refer to Microsoft's INstallation Documentation.

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