ASNA Monarch™ Framework 9.0

Supported Display File DDS Keywords

The following tables specify the level of support provided by ASNA Monarch Framework for DDS keywords. Links from keywords lead to the classes and properties that handle them.

Display Attributes for DSPATR Keyword

SupportedNot Applicable
BL-Blinking Field MDT-Set Change Data Tag
CS-Column Separator OID-Operator Identification
HI-High Intensity SP-Select by Light Pen
ND-Non Display
PC-Position Cursor
Program-to-system field
RI-Reverse Image

Wings handles most of the display attributes through directly related properties, such as Underline (for UL). In the case of BL, HI, and CS however Wings uses the following key, provided by IBM i for applying those keyword to color monitors:

CSHIBLConverted to Color

* Blinking is not supported, the text is only recolored red.

After the conversion, if a COLOR attribute with same option indicators is used and the color is not the same as the resulting (from BL, CS and HI display attributes), a Task is issued.

Since the inroduction of support for mapping legacy colors to Web colors, the actual color used will be the resulting from the conversion as described above, and translated color according to the mapping preferences.