ASNA Mobile RPG® Reference Manual

Installation - System Values

This topic covers updating the System Values on the IBM i to support Mobile RPG.

Note – These SysVals are only required by Mobile RPG's Terminal Emulator. The default operation of Mobile RPG runs in batch mode on the IBM i, and bypasses them entirely.

Updating system values requires the use of the iSeriesTM Navigator, for more information on working with system values in general, see IBM's System value information entry.

The following System Values are required on the IBM i to support the Mobile RPG Terminal Emulator:

  • QMLTTHDACN: 1 or 2, required because some Mobile RPG operations are multi-threaded.
  • QRMTSIGN: *VERIFY, required because Mobile RPG doesn't use a standard 5250 sign-on.

Learn more about these system values here.