Visual RPG  

Introducing ASNA Visual RPG 12.0 for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

ASNA Visual RPG integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 to give you a complete suite of tools for building both Windows and Web applications using the Visual RPG language.

In the Visual RPG Documentation

Getting Started
Find out about topics to assist you with getting started, and the installation procedures for Visual RPG.
Getting Help
Find out how to get Help on Visual RPG topics, along with using the different types of help available within Visual Studio 2013.  Information about documentation conventions as well as strategies for locating information within the documentation set.
Visual RPG Changes
Find out about whats new and changed in Visual RPG.
Managed Compatibility
There is a particular issue that will be encountered by users creating Web Projects. This article explains how to resolve it.

Additional Information

Language Concepts
Find out about the new Language Concepts when using Visual RPG.
Language Reference
Describes the Visual RPG programming language reference.

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