DataGate Studio Reference Manual

Working with Export Files

To create and use database snapshots for application deployment and light-duty backup tasks, DataGate Studio provides the DataGate Import/Export tool as well as the Record Import/Export Tool. The former can export database libraries, files, members, and optionally, member data; while the latter allows Import and Export of member data from and to ASCII-friendly CSV and XML files. The DG Import/Export tool in DataGate Studio 9.1 and later also supports data area exports.

The Import/Export tool features a tree view similar to the Windows Backup tool, which allows you to select individual objects or entire libraries for export to a single file on the local computer. Likewise, with the import function, you are presented with the contents of the export file in a tree view, with which you may individually select and exclude the objects to be imported.

Please note the following:

  • DataGate Import/Export is not designed for use as a full-featured backup tool. Although it is capable of creating snapshots of an entire database, the DataGate client/server connection interface may not, in certain environments, produce acceptable performance for large scale backup tasks, especially in comparison to similar platform-based tools. To protect your data, you are advised to use the database server platform's tools for periodic backups.
  • The former ASNA DataGate Database Manager application featured an archive utility for creating snapshot files of the DataGate for Windows database. These files are not compatible with the DataGate Import/Export tool. DataGate Import/Export is a superior tool, in that it can create snapshots of any DataGate database, not just DataGate for Windows. Users of the archive tool can usually transition easily to DataGate export files.
  • The DataGate Import/Export tool is separate from the Record Import/Export feature, which allows developers to import/export to and from ASCII-friendly CSV and XML files. See the Record Import/Export tool page for more information.

The following topics explain DataGate's Import and Export features.