DataGate Studio Reference Manual  

Removing Database Connections

A database connection may be removed from the Connections collection when it is no longer needed. Note that removing a connection based on a database name does not remove the database name. To remove a database name, you must delete it from the Local Database Names collection.

To Delete an Existing Database Connection

  1. Select DataGate Explorer from the DataGate menu. The DataGate Explorer tool window will display.
  2. Select the connection node to delete under the Connections node in Datagate Explorer.
  3. Select the Delete command on the Edit menu. Alternatively, press the Del key or right-click the connection node and select the Delete command.
  4. A message box appears, prompting you to confirm the delete operation.
  5. Click the OK button, the dialog will close and the connection will be deleted. You may click Cancel to discard your changes and close the dialog.

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