DataGate Studio Reference Manual  

Modifying Database Connections

To update the connection properties of a connection you use the Modify Connection command on the connection node’s context menu. To rename a non-database namebased connection node, use the Rename Object command on the DataGate menu. Database name-based connections cannot be renamed.

Note that modifying an existing connection does not change an open connection’s properties or status. To apply property changes to an open connection, you must close, and then reopen the connection.

To Modify an Existing Database Connection

  1. Select DataGate Explorer from the DataGate menu. The DataGate Explorer tool window will display.
  2. Select the connection node to modify under Connections. Right-click the node to display the context menu, and select Modify Connection. The Connection editing dialog will display.
  3. Select one of the two primary radio buttons: “Use registered Database Name” or “Enter Connection Details”. The edit controls on the form associated with your choice are enabled, and the other controls are disabled.
  4. Select the parameters for the connection, as explained here.
  5. After clicking OK, the dialog will close and the connection will be modified. You may click Cancel to discard your changes and close the dialog.

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