DataGate Studio Reference Manuals

Creating a Database File

Creating a database file requires a series of steps, outlined below and expanded on in the individual pages each step links to.

  1. Create or Open a DataGate Project

    DataGate file definitions are contained in DataGate projects. You may create a new project, or open a new project, using the DataGate Studio File menu. When you open or create a project, Solution Explorer displays the solution in the IDE, showing a DataGate project, or a collection of projects. Source files in DataGate projects are used to create database and print files.

  2. Add New Database File Definition

    Creates a Database File Definition for a Physical, Simple, Join, Multiformat or Print file that contains the collection of information regarding the type of file being created, and how data in the file will be accessed and stored. The record format will also be created, along with a field key, Join definition and Select/Omit node (for Join and Multiformat files only).

  3. Open the Database File Definition Designer

    The database file definition designers show editable file definition parameters in several easy to use display panels. Or if you prefer, you may edit file definition XML code in the XML editor.

  4. Add Field(s) to the Record Format

    Adds fields that make up a record format.

  5. Add Key(s) to the Record Format

    Adds keys to the selected record format to determine the order and usage of how records will be retrieved from the file.

  6. Add Select/Omit Rule

    For logical files only, adds Select/Omit Rules to define which records to Select and Omit.

  7. Create the Final File

    Creates a new file and a member by using a database file definition in the DataGate project and creating the described file in the selected library in the desired database.

  8. Add Member(s)

    Adds members to a file in the database to store data in the format given by the database file definition. At least one member must be specified before a file can be used in a program.

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