DataGate Studio Reference Manuals

Creating Database Names

Before you can access a DataGate database in an AVR or Monarch application, you must create a database name to refer to the database programmatically. You can create database names in DataGate Studio with the Add New Database Name command, as explained below.

You can also easily create database names by selecting Database Wizard from the DataGate menu.

To Create a New Database Name

  1. Select DataGate Explorer from the DataGate menu. The DataGate Explorer tool window will display.
  2. Click the Add New Database Name button on the right side of the toolbar at the top of DataGate Explorer window (or alternately, right-click the Local Database Names node and select Add New New Database name on the context menu). The New Database Name dialog is displayed, as shown below.
  3. Select primary parameters for the database name, as explained here.
  4. After clicking OK, the dialog will close and the identifier of the new database name will be selected in edit-mode, under Local Database Names in DataGate Explorer. Change the default, “New Database Name”, to the identifier you wish to refer to the database name with.

    Enter a "Name" to call the database on your computer. This is the identifier you will use to refer to the database in your applications.

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