DataGate Component Suite 14.0

Introducing ASNA DataGate Component Suite 14.0

The ASNA DataGate Component Suite 14.0 provides managed-code access to data and objects residing in DataGate for IBM i and DataGate for Windows (formerly, Acceler8DB) databases.  Leveraging the strength of the .NET Framework, DCS for Visual Studio 2015 programs can be created using any .NET development language, including ASNA Visual RPG, Visual Basic, C#, and others.  Data access mechanisms in DCS for Visual Studio 2015 support and enhance the System.Data namespace, including the DataSet model, while maintaining traditional DataGate record-level characteristics.

DCS for Visual Studio 2015 provides all of the same interfaces used by the Visual RPG compiler.  The same powerful database engine used by Visual RPG is fully under your control, for use in any .NET language.  Visual RPG for Visual Studio 2015 remains the language of choice for creating programs which access DataGate databases.  However, with DCS for Visual Studio 2015, Visual Basic programmers and others can access data with nearly the same efficiency.  Likewise, Visual RPG programmers will appreciate DCS for its object management capabilities.

In the DataGate Component Suite Documentation

Programmer's Guide

An introduction to using DataGate Component Suite as well as the basic topics for getting started; such as connecting to/from a database, managing database connections, and accessing a file.


An introduction to the classes, interfaces, and value types that are included in the ASNA DataGate Component Suite. This library provides access to DataGate Client functionality and is designed to be the foundation on which DataGate Database applications, components, and controls are built.

Samples and Tutorials

Contains the current Samples and Tutorials to assist you with using DataGate Component Suite.

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